Juicer Extractions

Benefits of PHO

PHO (Propane Hash Oil)

- A closed-loop Propane Hash Oil (PHO) system recovers the vast majority of the solvent used to extract the oil compared to common butane systems
- Propane requires less solvent to be used and spends less time in the vacuum oven purging, thereby resulting in faster turnaround times
- Propane does not extract chlorophyll, resulting in lighter, cleaner product
- PHO is more consistent than it's competitors, always a buttery consistency
- Propane extraction runs at higher temperatures which often leads to more potent and flavorful concentrates
- This method leaves less residuals
- Typically has a 70-90% potency

BHO (Butane Hash Oil)

- Butane often requires multiple runs and extracts chlorophyll which results in a darker product
- The average yield for butane is approximately 12%
- Butane requires a longer amount of time in the vacuum oven in order to remove all the  residual solvent (approximately one week) and does not retain the terpene signature of the strain
- Can have many different consistencies resulting in different types of dabs
- One of the oldest and most well known system of extracting oil


- CO2 degrades the strain and does not preserve the characteristics of the strain, which makes it less desirable to customers who dab 

-CO2 may need to be winterized  to remove wax and lipids, due to this ethanol and other solvents can be added to the produce which leads to a decrease in yield and purity

-The process takes longer to complete due to fluctuating temperatures and pressures

-This method is widely used within food supplements and 

pharmaceuticals industries 

We utilize a closed-loop PHO system for our extraction. The faster production times along with the benefits listed above make it the best extraction method for us.  More than this we are always striving to produce the best dabs on the market for our partners.

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